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Phuket Translation is a company dedicated to providing rapid, reliable and reasonable translation, paralegal and other services.


The procedure for finalising your translation will vary depending on the intended use for the document and therefore whether or not a post-certification/validation of the translation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) will be needed.

In many cases (such as visa applications and the like) a MoFA certification is not needed. In this sitution you email or deliver to us a good quality scan (scans should be in greyscale with a resolution of at least 300DPI) or photocopy of your document, we will then translate it and bind the translation to the copy of the original with a metal tamper-proof rivet and stamp everything with our company stamp and a stamp bearing the signature of the translator certifying that it is a true and accurate translation.

This kind of translation and certification is sufficient for court affidavits, evidence in legal matters, health insurance claims and Thai police reports of thefts etc.

The situations where it is necessary to involve the MoFA vary, but usually anything requiring translated certificates or documents from another country will require MoFA certification. This includes things like a Statutory Declaration, birth certificate etc issued by an embassy. Please note that if you have bought a condo and it is time to transfer ownership then the MoFA will need to certify a translation of your passport.

In such cases we will perform the initial translation and then our translation bound to a copy of the original document will be sent up to Bangkok with the original document for the MoFA to certify that they have seen and approve of the translation. It is not a complicated process but we will require a signed Power of Attorney authorising our agent to submit the documents on your behalf and sometimes other copies of passports etc depending on the situation. You should allow about 7-10 working days from the time a translation is sent to Bangkok until the time it is returned to Phuket.

We use the Thai post EMS registered mail service for all documents and we will provide you with a tracking code so you can monitor your package's progress at their website. You can of course also take our translation to Bangkok yourself if you prefer and submit it directly to the MoFA, or if you have a friend in Bangkok you can provide them with a Power of Attorney and they may do it for you. A free PoA document is available from the Downloads section of our website if you wish to use it.

Fees and Delivery

When your translation is ready you can collect it in person, we may be able to deliver it in some locations as we have a car travelling between Cherng Talay and Phuket Town on most days, or we can post it to you via EMS as mentioned above for a small surcharge.

Our charges are per page and are based on the nature and subject of each document. Standard things like a Thai marriage certificate, birth certificate etc to English are 500 baht per page*, other documents may be more expensive if they are extremely technical in nature but for large documents we will offer a discounted price and in the case of contracts where some pages are just signatures and witness names we will either charge a reduced price or not charge at all for those pages.

Please call or email to discuss your documents and we will be able to provide an exact quotation and the working time required.

*Prices are subject to 7% VAT and 3% with-holding tax